Tape turns 60. Looking to retire it?

As reported in The Register and other publications, May 21, 2012 marks the 60-year anniversary of IBM’s first tape drive.

Many computing and storage technologies have come and gone since then, yet tape backup remains in many data centers for onsite backups, offsite disaster recovery or long-term retention. If you are considering the prospect of retiring 60-year-old tape-based technology from some part of your backup infrastructure, this short pictorial history of storage and backup technologies whose time has past might prove helpful in making your case.

There are additional chapters to this brief storage history including digital audio tape, flash memory, the DVD, USB flash drives, and more.  The key point of this brief history is to recap how storage technologies have evolved, and how less reliable, slower-performance media have been largely obsoleted in the data center–except for tape used for backup

Consumers no longer rely on tape for their music or videos. And more and more IT professionals are concluding that they can no longer trust their business-critical data to tape.  If you are still using tape onsite or for offsite disaster recovery and would like to retire it with an alternative that can get you faster more reliable backups and restores and protect your IT budget over time as data grows, click here to request budgetary pricing on an ExaGrid disk backup with deduplication system.  

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