VMware Backup Best Practices


Backup Academy Course on VMware Backup Best Practices

As I continue along my viewing of Veeam’s Backup Academy online courses, this is my seventh course out of a series of eight on VMware backup solutions. Only one more training course left! I am looking forward to taking the exam before the end of 2011 to become a Backup Academy Certified Expert. This seventh training course is on “Best Practices for VMware Backups.”  It’s presented by vExpert and Veeam Software Strategy Specialist, Rick Vanover.

One new area that I learned about from this course on VMware backup best practices was a discussion of how virtualization makes backups better by separating the source (shared storage or DAS where the VMs live) and target (backup repository) within the virtual machine backup strategy. It’s best to place as many domains of failure between these two environments as possible. There’s not much protection against a failure in the virtual environment if the VMFS volume is on the same storage resource as the backups of the VMs. Sometimes additional storage isn’t an option, though. One approach to take if full physical separation is not possible is to separate VMware backups and primary storage within drive trays on modular storage, like in the example below.

VMWare Backup Best Practices

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