VMware Backup Solutions for Virtualized Environments


VMware Backup Solutions for Enterprise Applications

In my continuation of viewing Veeam’s Backup Academy online courses, this is my fourth course out of a series of eight courses on VMware backup solutions. Happy to say I’m on my way to taking the exam soon to become a Backup Academy Certified Expert. This fourth training course is about “Backing up Enterprise Applications.” It’s presented by vExpert Elias Khnaser, a well-known author and blogger in the world of virtualization.

One new area that I learned about from this course was the ins-and-outs of VSS (Volume Copy Shadow Services). VSS is a built-in Windows service that facilitates and coordinates the creation of crash-consistent image-level VMware backup for transaction-based applications. VSS’s application awareness ensures that transactional applications get restored in a consistent way, do all the post-process tasks and power it back on successfully after a restore.

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Enabling Veeam’s VSS integration option allows creating a transactionally consistent backup image of a VM, which, in contrast to a crash-consistent backup image, ensures successful VM recovery as well as proper recovery of all applications installed on the VM without any data loss.

Have any questions on VSS or VMware backup solutions for enterprise applications? Please feel free to comment below.

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